Water's Blood Book Tour This Week!

Hey all,

I love Mondays. Never thought I would say such heresy-filled words, but today, it’s true. Why? Well, for one, I’ve been recovering from surgery and have felt really, really awful the last 5-7 days, and today I feel great. We take so many things for granted. Feeling good is one of them. So I’m thrilled to go through the day without feeling terrible physically.

Secondly, this is the start of the week-long blog book tour for WATER’S BLOOD! I’m happy and honored to be featured on several blog sites.

Today’s stops include 2 reviews – one for 4 stars and the other for 3 stars.

Check them out here!

Laura’s Review of 4 Stars

Marked By Books Review – 3 Stars

On the 3-star review, she mentioned she wanted to know more back story on the fallen angels. Never fear, this was an intentional decision to withhold some info so more could unfold with each Elemental Book. Look for more short stories and books soon!