Hi everyone!

Hope all folks in the USA had a great Thanksgiving holiday. For those across the pond and oceans, hope you enjoyed the weekend too!

I’m sharing a podcast link below that I did for Paper Crane Books — it’s the 1st chapter of NO GRITS NO GLORY narrated by yes, yours truly. It is so strange hearing one’s own voice, but I figured I could do the book/characters more justice than a generic source, so anyway…take a free listen if you get a sec!

Listen to the 1st chapter free here.

digbookdayToday, July 14th, is #DigitalBookDay for readers. That means there are over 400 books scheduled FREE for today only.

Check it out here – my book WATER’S BLOOD is on there!



Hello everyone! I hope everyone has been having a good holiday season thus far. Seems like several people have contracted stomach viruses and fever/sore throats. Stay well this season and take plenty of Vitamin C! Anyway, whether you are healthy as a horse this week, or under the weather, I wanted to share that BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, a Vampire short story set in New Orleans, is FREE on Amazon from 12/24-12/28. Download to your Kindle here. Sorry, all you Nook fans. This short story is enrolled in Amazon’s exclusive program for 90 days, so it won’t be available in other formats until late January. I wanted to try Amazon’s program to get a feel for it. Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth going exclusive, and with all my other works, I’m going to not do this exclusivity thing again. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week, and enjoy a short story while you’re basking in front of the fire :)

There were actually 2 giveaways in my blog this week: The $20 Barnes & Noble gift card goes to Jeff Salter! Congratulations, Jeff! A free ebook goes to Melonie Johnson! Melonie, if you don’t yet have WATER’S BLOOD, I can send it to you in any format you wish. If you have already purchased a copy, I can give you a free copy of Book Two in the Elemental Clan Series, RAGING FIRE, when it releases this summer. Congrats again to all! I wish more people had been able to participate in the commenting, but I’m happy for the winners! Happy Friday :)

Hello everyone!readanebookweek One of the ebook distributors, Smashwords, is offering a READ AN EBOOK one-week promotion from March 3 – March 9. So, in order to join in and celebrate, I have decided to make WATER’S BLOOD, Book One of the Elemental Clan Series, FREE for this one week only! The way it works: 1. Go to the Smashwords website for the Water’s Blood book listing. 2. Order the book like you normally would do. 3. Enter the following coupon code on checkout : QB59V. This code will let your book be FREE. 4. That’s it! Read and enjoy! And please don’t forget to leave a review :)