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Well, in the USA we have Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, I’m not sure on Sunday, and Cyber Monday.

Keep in mind that many indie authors ARE small business owners, be it LLCs or corporations. We must do the creative writing tasks while maintaining bookkeeping, taxes, and more.

Support Small Business Saturday and buy a book for your friends and family this Christmas :)

NerdGirl just rated NO GRITS NO GLORY as 5-Stars, saying “It’s the best book I’ve read all year.”

Pick up a copy for someone you love this holiday season!




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Hey all,

I’m blogging about the ups and downs of Indie Pubbing today on Meg’s blog. Check it out here.

The blog content got me to thinking that this would be good as a series, so I may write some more topics on the subject – stay tuned!

Elaine Calloway


Well, I’m behind the times. I admit it. While I’ve had a personal account on Facebook for years, I had postponed creating an actual “page” for writing with writing/author updates. And now, in this digital age where Facebook is a key player, I can’t postpone any longer. Take a peek at my page, if you’re so inclined please give it a “Like!” and I will return the favor. Just message me with your page URL. Seems like Facebook and Twitter are rapidly becoming great ways for authors to connect with readers and other industry folks. As Tigger would say, Ta Ta for now!

Hey all,

A friend of mine, Christine Bode, offered to let me guest blog & and do a Q&A on her website. Here is the link: