Story: Every type of medium

Hi everyone and happy new year!

Today I want to talk about story. People tend to focus on one medium or another when they think of stories, but the truth is, stories can have many different mediums (formats).

I loved puppet shows at the mall when I was a kid. To me, that WAS a story. Characters (even if they were puppets) were fascinating to me.

I loved books as I grew up and to this day. Books give us a rich, in-depth peek at the story and all the characters engaging in the plot.

I also love movies & decent TV (which is hard to find sometimes…)

While all of these are different mediums, the truth is, spending time with stories across all formats can help us understand story better, can help us write stories better, etc. 

Over the holidays, I came down with the stomach flu. It was awful. It basically forces you to abandon all your plans for doing anything, putting you in bed or a recliner all day as you sip on ginger ale and hope the dang illness passes soon. BUT…the positive in this was that it gave me time to catch up on watching movies, watching TV series I enjoy, etc. I tried to read more but reading gave me a headache in my ill condition, so TV it was. 

Take some time to watch that favorite show, or movie. Take time to read a book. Try a different type of story and see how your perspective is changed.

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