#Scandal Season 2!

Hey all, I admit it, I’m behind the times when it comes to some of the best TV show series out there. Those being, CASTLE and SCANDAL. For CASTLE, I’ve seen all 4 previous seasons, but none of season 5. Why? Because the TV (even the free stockpile) never has all of Season 5 available to watch. If it did, I would’ve watched it long before now! As it is, the DVD set for Season 5 comes out on 9/10 and I’ve already got it queued up in Netflix. For SCANDAL, we watched Season 1 about a year ago, loved it. Been waiting for Season 2 but ran into the same problem. We weren’t home when Episodes 1, 2, 3 aired and we didn’t record it. Why start off a new season out of order when we were so interested in the cliffhanger at the end of Season 1? So yes, now that SCANDAL Season 2 is on instant Netflix play, I am enjoying it immensely. The dialogue is sharp, the characters have depth and interesting pasts, and it’s a smart and great drama. What are some of your favorite series?