Research, Travel, Book Writing, and NYC

Research and Travel

by Elaine Calloway

I am one of those writers who likes to go to the places I write about in books. Many may disagree, may say that it is too expensive and it can’t be done, and that is certainly a viable reason. One can study the Internet, books, maps, magazines, and gather intel to work.

For me, however, I find there’s nothing like my own bizarre impressions when I visit a place. And it doesn’t always need to be an extra trip expense. RWA Nationals was in New York City a few years back. I went a few days ahead of time, met some friends there, and we explored the city. Doing so gave me a great feel for Raging Fire, my latest book release about a Fire Elemental stationed in Manhattan.

All those day-to-day things that magazines, books, and the Internet may not tell you are at your fingertips when you do your own travel research. Actually feeling the quiet air early on a Sunday morning along Fifth Avenue; this is in vast contrast to the madness and mayhem of Times Square any time of day. Being part of an eclectic city that never sleeps, feeling its pulsing heartbeat into the wee hours of the morning. All these things and more helped me write Raging Fire with more ease.

Not everyone can travel to the setting destination, however, my recommendation is that if you can do it, it’s worth it to get that extra sense of the place.

Elaine Calloway is currently writing The Elemental Clan Series. Book Two, Raging Fire, which is set in Manhattan, released on August 18 and is available in ebook and paperback. Look for books three and four to release in late 2013/early 2014 respectively. When she isn’t writing about the living, the dead, and the eerie in between, she enjoys reading, movies, and spending time with friends.

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