Postcards for Water's Blood (Elementals Book One)

Hey all, One of my friends wanted to see these in digital format, so I took photos and am posting them here on my blog. For those who don’t know, Water’s Blood is Book One in an Elementals series I have been writing, and it will be released on 2/1/13. Here are pictures of the cover and the description. I ordered these postcards at, and they were absolutely delightful to deal with. So if you need any stickers, business cards, etc., I would recommend them highly :) Stay tuned for more blogs next week about the upcoming book release! Thanks! waters_blood_postcard_front   waters_blood_postcard_back

  • Pam

    I can’t wait to read this book! I love the idea of New Orleans as the setting… move over Vampires! It’s time to make room for the Elementals!