One more day till WATER'S BLOOD (Book 1, Elemental Clan Series)

Thanks to everyone for your support, text messages, and encouragement this week. Y’all rock :) To say it has been quite a week is, well, an understatement. One of my writer friends told me that doing this publish-it-yourself thing would be a means to learn as you go along. She didn’t realize it at the time, but she was actually reading my future. WOW. Lots of things to prepare, have reviewed by the sites where the book will be sold, have re-reviewed by the book sites because their site was down after entering a full page of information (guilty culprit: you know who you are!) and more. SO… I am doing final prep of the links & my website today. Tomorrow (Friday 2/1) is the official “release day.” And for those of you asking, yes, I do have a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge. It’s actually been there since Christmas, when my inlaws brought it over and we decided not to partake of the bubbly until later. (Thank you, my dear inlaws – the bubbly will not go to waste!) What is this darn book about, you ask? Well, to read a short blurb, click here. I will say that the paranormal fiction is not for everyone’s taste, and that is okay. (For my more ultra-conservative friends, note that this genre may not be to your liking.) I have enabled sampling on Amazon, etc. so you can try before you buy. And it’s okay. I have many author friends who are talented writers, but I simply cannot get through certain types of fiction writing no matter how wonderful they are as people. So, for those of you who like the paranormal twists and saving human souls, the Elemental Clan Series will be an ideal fit. For those of you who prefer more “real life” fiction, don’t worry – I have several books I will be releasing later this year and into next, so you can have something more suitable to your tastes. See? Something for everyone. That’s the beauty in not going with a standard NYC publisher, when things all have to fit into a box. I write about Elementals, Fallen Angels, ghost stories and people seeing the dead, women’s fiction and women’s relationships with family and romance, and many other types of things in between. Stop by my blog on Friday 2/1, leave a comment, and get a chance to win a FREE copy of Water’s Blood.

  • Dawn Williams

    Congrats Elaine!! I wish you the very best…I do love this type of writing. I love the Paranormal!!

  • Thanks so much, Dawn! Glad to hear you like paranormal. Let me know what you think when you’re done :)

  • Connie Ross

    Super congrats Elaine!!! I am so happy and thrilled about the release of Waters Blood. Can’t wait to read it!