Mardi Gras Custom #4 - Holidays in Louisiana

Hey all,

Well, we are almost there! On 11/18, at one minute after midnight, anyone who pre-ordered KREWE OF SOULS should get their book on their devices to start reading! I do hope everyone enjoys the story :)

So, as a last Mardi Gras Custom, I’m going to talk about Carnival and Mardi Gras time in Louisiana. No other state behaves quite like this, because here’s the thing. Schools are out for a week. Work is off for 3 days, typically. Sometimes a week, depending on the employer :)

Yes. You read that right. Kids are on vacation from learning, studying, etc. all for the sake of parades, booze, and boobs being flashed in the streets. But nah, seriously, it doesn’t have to just be this wild and crazy French Quarter event. Many suburbs of NOLA hold parades that are more family friendly. When I was a teen, I went with my church group. We had a big tent with snacks, had a big sleepover the night before, and then spent all day at the parades for Fat Tuesday.

The day before Mardi Gras is called Lundi Gras, and there are customs and features for that celebration as well. I wish all states would get off work and school for such a celebration, but alas, only in Louisiana will you see such a cool feat.

So put on some music, raise your glass, and enjoy the KREWE OF SOULS on 11/18!