Let the Writing Begin!

I will be offline most of this weekend because I’ll be on a writing retreat. These are wonderful things. You get together with another writer (or several, your choice) and go somewhere like a cabin or hotel where you can solely focus on WRITING.

You can’t just surf the internet and lose focus. You can’t go run to the grocery store or houseclean. You are in a place with others, your mission is to write. It’s scary and wonderful all at the same time :)

Meals out are a chance to socialize but also keep on the writing track: we plot, we brainstorm, we talk about future plans for books. It’s an energizing way to keep the weekend focused.

Come Monday (6/23), my book 2 RAGING FIRE will be featured in an E-Reader News Today (ENT) ad so be sure to check it out at its 99 cents sale!