January - the month of preparation!

Well, the self-pub journey is a mysterious one. The most important lesson I have learned in the last 2 days is: don’t ever try to transfer a domain from one account to another without first pointing the name servers to the new place. As a result, by not doing this in the right order, my “real” domain URL website is down. For a few more days. So hence the temporary URL. Anyway, the big news is – I am planning to have Book One of the Elemental Series available online FEB 1st! The cover is below! Stay tuned for more information and updates. And I’ll share some life lessons along the way, because I’m learning them too :)   Water's Blood Cover Digital Design done by Taryn Knight | Leafbreeze Creations

  • Awesome cover, Elaine!!!! LOVE IT! Can’t wait to read the book. And your new site is amazing.

    Great job!


    • admin

      Thanks so much, Tami! I found the digital artist on deviant art, and she was a joy to work with.

      Thx also for the comments on my site! It took me a while to set everything up! WordPress can be challenging :)