It's a Small World...

Now I have the Disney song in my head, the one that goes, “It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all….”

Anyhoo. Yes, we live in a big world with many countries, languages and cultures. But I love how sometimes, paths cross and we see how small of a world it really is.

Last night, I met a colleague and friend who I used to work with for dinner. She said she was bringing someone, a person who is interested in writing and wanted to meet me. I thought sure, why not? Food? Talk about writing? Friends? What else is there?

So it turns out…I already knew the person she wanted me to meet. She is part of my regular writer’s group and I’ve known her for years. My friend was baffled that we already knew each other, but hey, it’s a small world.

What are some instances of when the world seemed smaller to you?