I'm channeling Joe Pesci in MY COUSIN VINNY

Today, I feel like I’m channeling Joe Pesci in the movie, “MY COUSIN VINNY.”

His argument scene concerning Grits in the South is hysterical, and right now I have a few more lines of dialogue I would add. See, I have another series coming out this fall (Book #1 – NO GRITS, NO GLORY, releases in early October) and I want to have grits incorporated on the book cover somehow.

Only grits are not very photogenic. Even if they are, they are at the wrong angle for my graphic designer to use them. So here I sit, cussing out grits as I search. I can just hear Joe Pesci’s tone as he would say the following:

* Why aren’t there any photogenic grits out there on the Internet?

* Are these vampire grits that don’t allow themselves to be photographed?

* Exactly what would make a great photo of a grit?

And more…

Look for #30DaysofGritsRecipes starting on 9/1. It’s the gear up to the book release in early October.

For now, I’ll leave you with a photo I took of grits (that of course won’t work…see Joe Pesci rant once more!)

grits and butter