Happy Wednesday!

Many thanks to those of you who were able to visit Keta’s blog yesterday and leave a comment. Della is our lucky winner and she wins a free copy of Water’s Blood in digital format :) What does everyone have planned for the week and weekend? Wednesday, known as hump day, is the marker between the Monday blahs and the Friday excitement. Looks like warm weather is *trying* to come to the South, so I am hoping the weather will be nice. I’m going on a writing retreat and will be pressing my little fingers to the keyboard all weekend to get mucho work done on RAGING FIRE, Book Two of the Elemental Clan Series, which is due out this summer. Writing retreats, whether done alone or with other writers, are a great way to pump up the creativity. You learn each other’s patterns and what works and what doesn’t, and it’s helpful to have others there to brainstorm. So…for this Wednesday and weekend, what are y’all doing?