Hanging out w/Petit Fours & Hot Tamales...

Happy Monday and welcome to summer wishes to everyone :) Yes, it is officially summer. I have proof. The lightning bugs have begun to appear, their luminescent glow lighting up dark summer evenings. When I spotted them the other night, I felt like a giddy little kid, back on my grandmother’s front porch, when I first learned about these exciting creatures.

Summer brings in new beginnings and exciting things. Recently, I was approached by an incredible group of women writers to join their blog, Petit Fours and Hot Tamales. They’ve kept an amazing blog for quite a long time, and I was honored when they asked me to join.

So, on occasion I will be blogging over there and you should check them out! My post about never letting yourself quit is up today. There’s a brief bio in a newspaper format (thanks, Tami) and the post is below it.

While the post is about writing, it can apply to any goal you have in life. Don’t ever stop or let life’s bumps along the way prevent you from moving ahead with the dream you want. For me, it’s writing. I love hanging out with writers because they understand my need to talk about these imaginary friends who are so real in my mind. You should see a bunch of us when we get together for lunch. The conversations are quite lively :)

Never quit. And check out the cool group Petit Fours and Hot Tamales today!

Thanks and happy Monday,

  • Pam

    Hi Elaine! I have a lot of catching up to do after being on vacation last week, but I just read your bio/post on PFHT from yesterday and all I can say is thank you! I am still plodding through the first draft of my first novel; I thought I would be finished long before now, but giving up is not an option. Chugga chugga, choo choo…

  • Thanks Pam! And you know, I had to get that post into the PFHT site about a week ago, and then yesterday I had a tough rejection letter. I kept thinking “man, is this worth it?” and realized I couldn’t quit or give up on a day when my post talked about not quitting! LOL…

    Great that you’re back, thanks for commenting!