Great #Vampire Series on DVD

Wow! For those of you who love vampire stories, I have a great recommendation for you. I just discovered it today. Apparently it was made in 2007-2008. How could I not have known about this back then? The series is called MOONLIGHT and stars Alex O’Loughlin (who currently plays the lead on Hawaii Five O – see photo below). He is a vampire, but plays a private investigator as his cover job. And he’s a good guy, much like the character in TRUE BLOOD was. This vamp only kills bad guys, and only when necessary. He’s charming and protective of the innocents :) His cohort is played by Sophia Myles. She plays an investigative journalist who wants the next story. Between her trying to solve crimes to report and the vamp being able to find killers, the two of them in this show are fabulous! I love this series so far. For those of you vamp fans, check it out :)

loughlin Kevin O’Loughlin – quite a hunk!