Great #Indiefilm Choices this summer

Summer is typically a great time for the release of new movies, everything from the action adventure over-the-top antics of Transformers to the more subtle, lovely indie films that give our souls a bit of a lift on sad days.

I’m a huge movie buff, but in the last year I see films dwindling and dwindling. Then, to my surprise, I found a few gems out there that I thought I’d share…

Fave #indiefilms of this summer:

1. BEGIN AGAIN (Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley) – lovely piece set in New York City that incorporates heartache, love, being an artist, and starting again. All with the Big Apple as the backdrop. Lovely, lovely.

2. THE ONE-HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY (Helen Mirren, Rohan Chand) – a war between restaurants with charm, wit and passion. Fantastic :)

3. AND SO IT GOES (Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas) – Humorous and fun romantic comedy. Curmudgeon Michael Douglas lives next door to a questioning-her-worth Diane Keaton while suddenly getting his granddaughter dropped off on his front steps. Great emotion, great moments, even cried in a few places.