Fall TV - What are Your Faves?

I know I should probably be blogging about books (and I do, so often) but let’s switch it up to TV for a moment.

There are many great new series on TV this year. What are some of your faves? I’ve listed mine below…

1. Scorpion: a team of genius geeks helps save the world

2. Scandal: this one isn’t new, but I like it all the same

3. How to Get Away with Murder: I love Viola Davis and she shines in this one about a law professor & her students.

4. NCIS New Orleans: Despite the few mistakes made in the pilot, I’ve come around to liking this show. I’m from New Orleans and the writers have become better at being more accurate on info. Plus I love the scenery of my hometown!

What about you? What are some of your fave new shows this season?