Elaine = 1, WordPress = 0

Okay, it’s not *really* a contest or a battle, and WordPress *is* getting easier to navigate as I grow accustomed to it.

That being said, I think I have finally figured this program out!

Those who are thinking of updating their site or transferring their domain to a new hosting company (mine is now with Bluehost and I love them) should know that trying to do that at the same time as updating blog content and figuring out WordPress…

Well, you could say things have been a little stressed.

Going from my temporary URL to my permanent domain/URL was as simple as going into the Settings menu and changing the Home and Site URL links. I was worried that I would lose my information that way, but it didn’t.

The biggest pain about WP is setting up menus/navigation. I like to think I am computer savvy, but that was the hardest and most time-consuming task (perhaps because I think it should not have been).

Anyway, we all learn new things and this is what keeps the blood flowing. Stay tuned for more updates and info.

Reminder for those who missed my earlier blogs – WATER’S BLOOD, Book One of my Elemental Series, comes out on February 1, 2013. Stay tuned!