Broadway Play - my encounter with Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

And here it is…the story of my encounter with Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Otherwise known as Jim Parsons. Or God.

My wonderful friend Art somehow snagged 2nd row seats at Studio 54, where ACT OF GOD, a modern day play about the retelling of the 10 Commandments Family Feud Style, was playing. And what a night!

First off, I’ve never had such fantastic seats. I was 10 feet away from Jim Parsons. I could see every eyebrow arch, every eye roll, every smirk. Things those in the nosebleed section couldn’t see.

Then I found out I was in the hot seat!

For those not familiar with the play, it is mainly a monologue by Jim Parsons and he is accompanied by his 2 angels, Gabriel and Michael. God has come down from Heaven (in the form of Jim Parsons, who is unaware God is doing this) and he wants to comment on the 10 commandments and how frustrated he is with current culture. One example is him talking about how much he doesn’t get involved in sports. He’s not “for” your team when your team wins, nor is he “against” your team if you lose. The 90 minute play is filled with fun, laughter, and Jim Parsons is absolutely wonderful. In addition, despite the themes, it does well with not being sacrilegious.

Anyway, moving on…

He starts talking about how he was bored, so he created humans. A few minutes later, the angel Michael walks off the stage and right up to me. Puts a microphone in my face and tells “God” that I have a question, and what is my name?

I answer, and Jim Parsons says, “Hi Elaine.” I grinned ear to ear. Then the angel says, “Elaine wants to know why things were created. Why we’re here.”

To which, Jim Parsons gets that “Sheldon look of exasperation” in his eye and says, “Snap, snap, Elaine! I told you, I was bored so I created humans. You can’t be falling asleep or daydreaming, darling, you’re seated in the prime area! Chop chop, pay attention, okay Elaine?”

I laughed and nodded, then figured that was it. A few other people gave their names and the angel asked more questions, and the play continued. No more interaction, right?


At one point, Jim Parsons speaks about the wrath in the Old Testament and then tells the audience not to worry. He has no plans to end our lives or bring us to Heaven anytime soon. Then he pauses, arches an eyebrow, and says, “Well, perhaps one of you. At 3:36 a.m. tomorrow.”

Then a light shines on the top of my head!!! The whole audience is dark, and I have a Spanish Inquisition style light beaming on me.

To which Jim Parsons asks, “Is that Elaine again? Okay, hon. See ya soon, darlin’.”

It was hilarious, fun, and I really enjoyed being part of things. He’s a fabulous and talented actor, and I loved my night seeing this Broadway play.

For the “best of Sheldon” humor on The Big Bang Theory, click here to watch.



  • A question for Sheldon and sitting in the front row. How fantastic that must have been! He once tried to teach himself to swim by reading it on the internet (On the Big Bang Theory). He is hilarious.

    • Elaine Calloway

      The for commenting! Yes it was a great night!