Elemental Clan Series

Good Versus Evil.
Elemental Versus Fallen Angel.
The prize? Human Souls.
Will YOU be safe?

The Elemental Clan Series is a paranormal/urban fantasy set of tales with good vs. evil themes. Beings with supernatural powers (Elementals) can wield water, fire, earth and wind to protect innocent humans. The evil Fallen Angel gangs want to reap human souls, and the battle between both camps has been ongoing.

Will you be safe in the aftermath? Read this series to find out!

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Water's Blood by Elaine Calloway
Water's Blood
Book 1

Raging Fire by Elaine Calloway
Raging Fire
Book 2

Earthbound by Elaine Calloway
Book 3

Windstorm by Elaine Calloway
Book 4

Book 5


Elemental Clan Prequels

Droplet: A Prequel to Water's Blood
Prequel to Water's Blood

Ignight: A Prequel to Raging Fire
Prequel to Raging Fire

Southern Ghosts Series

The Southern Ghosts Series is a 10-book series set in the Southeast USA. These stories include ghosts, mystery, suspense, humor, and a splash of romance. Covers are designed by Taryn Knight of Leafbreeze Creations.

Watch a book trailer with voiceover for No Grits No Glory, created by Girly Geek Biz.

Watch a book trailer (no voiceover) for No Grits No Glory & the Series, created by Girly Geek Biz.




Novella (3.5) - THE DEBT

Book Four - LETHAL LANDFALL, Releases 2018, set in Galveston, TX.


What Readers Say About The Southern Ghosts Series:

This story is a great combination of humor, mystery, love and drama. I thoroughly enjoyed the southern humor in the writing. It was a quick read, which I like for these types of stories.
This was the first book I've read from Calloway and I plan to read more. Plus, I'm stoked this is the first in a planned series! I'd give it ten stars but they will only let me go up to five, so there it is. Love,love, loved it." - Misty, aka Nerd Girl Book Blogger/Reviewer

A 2015 Amazon #1 bestseller in ghost stories, No Grits No Glory is a haunted tale set in Savannah, Georgia, that is sure to delight.

Paranormal Books That Rock calls this "...a flat out good ghost story...romance with a great mystery intertwined, this one is wonderful!" The Nerd Girl Book Blogger and Reviewer calls it, "hands down, the best book I have read this year. This story is a great combination of humor, mystery, love and drama...I'm stoked this is the first in a planned series."

Ticket To Die
Book 2

The Debt
Book 4 (Novella)

Other Books

In late 2018, I wrote 3 short serial stories that somewhat connect, much like the cat in Stephen King's "Cat's Eye" stories.

You can buy the collection, The Holiday Chronicles, here

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Holiday Chronicles
A Few Short Serials for the Holidays

Short Stories