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Later today, I’ll be signing books at a local library Indie Book Signing event. And that brings us to the topic of book signings. Fortunately, I’ve done a few of these in the past, at both small and large conferences, so it helps to know what to expect.

Elaine’s takeaway tips for book signings:
  1. Always have plenty of swag. What is swag? Anything from buttons to postcards to business cards to *anything* cool about your books. Readers can buy your book but give them tidbits of the next books you have coming out, too. I like postcards. I use to order them. Many people like VistaPrint and other services too. The cover and my name on one side, the blurb & my website on the other side. I don’t mail them, but they are great promos and are also good to “sign” when you’re at an e-book event.
  2. Bring chocolate. Writers love chocolate as a general rule, and so do readers! It’s a conversation breaker, it helps people approach you as a writer and start up a conversation.
  3. Dress professionally. This kind of goes without saying. It doesn’t mean you need to wear a ball gown, but don’t show up in sweats & torn t-shirts.
  4. Bring a gift raffle. I learned this valuable tip from fellow author Amylynn Bright, who sat next to me at an Indie book signing once. Aside from being a really fun person in general, she kept getting all these people at her table! Everyone wanted to sign up for her newsletter and enter her raffle for a prize. She writes historical romance and had a lovely piece of jewelry for a prize. Try to find something that relates to your book to offer as a giveaway.
  5. Bring a sign up sheet for names/emails. This is an ideal time to get readers to connect with you. Have them sign up for your newsletter in order to enter your raffle. Voila! Instant newsletter subscriptions.
  6. Be relaxed, be approachable. Authors are introverts by nature and it can be difficult to be “out” in public doing the meet and greet. Relax, be generous with your time and information. Readers will appreciate it.
  7. Schedule something fun and relaxing afterwards. You may be tired after the signing is over, allow yourself to rest and not immediately go to the next big event of the day.

Any other tips fellow authors want to share?


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    This is really helpful info! Thanks, Elaine.

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