A Few Movie Reviews...

Happy Saturday and weekend, all :)

Today’s post is filed under random because…well, it’s random. I usually post about books and grits and such. But I have no planned post on those topics today.

On movie reviews, I have a few. So enjoy, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy your weekend!

Elaine’s Movie Reviews…

GONE GIRL. Really intense, well-acted and well-written. That being said, this is the kind of movie where the ending bothered me and I was left thinking about it for several days. Some people liked the ending. I grossly hated it. But the main actors/actresses deserve big time Oscars for their performances.

HECTOR & THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS. This one was very strange. I actually think this was a writing collaboration, where one person wrote the first half of the film and another person wrote the last half. The two halves never made a whole. The first hour (if you can survive it) is dull, quirky, without much happening at all. You could sum up the entire first 60 minutes of the film by saying: “Hector is a boring psychiatrist who has no excitement in life.” There. That’s 60 minutes of film time.

The 2nd half of the film, however, was wonderful. This is where we see conflict, pain, redemption, etc. All the qualities that make a good movie but were absent in the first half. The problem with the second half being good is that most people walk out of the theater before they see it.

THE MAZE RUNNER. Really good, really liked the characters and the plot. This one is the start of a series and I’ll likely see this again.

That’s about all for now, so enjoy your weekend!