30 Days of Grits - Day 29

Welcome to the 29th day of #30daysofgrits #recipes! Only 2 days now until NO GRITS NO GLORY releases!!!

I attended a conference in Florida (at the beach = yay!) this past weekend and the wonderfully funny Dolores Wilson shared this recipe:

Grits & Greens:

Make regular grits according to basic recipe instructions (you can find a sample of basic cheesy grits here)

Drain a can of collard greens. Mix in with the grits and let simmer together.

Voila! Add seasoning and sauce to taste :)


  • Dolores Wilson

    Add butter, half and half and a handful of parmesan cheese. Yummy!

    • Elaine Calloway

      Oooh! Parmesan cheese! Good one!