30 Days of Grits - Day 19

Welcome to 30 Days of Grits, Day 19!

I don’t have a name for this recipe, but it comes from my son-n-law (who is a fabulous cook!) so I’m simply going to call them Brandon’s SHRIMP & GRITS:

2-3 cups grits (real, do not use instant)

1 cup heavy cream

2-3 cups milk

1 pound bacon

1 stick butter

1 pound deveined shrimp (I prefer using pre-cooked shrimp but the original recipe calls for raw shrimp that you cook in the bacon grease)

Soak the grits in milk for several hours.

Cook the bacon on the stovetop, keep the bacon fat/grease in pan. Use that as the base to cook and/or reheat the shrimp.

Cook grits in butter and heavy cream. Add bacon, seasoning, shrimp on top and serve.


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