A Word from Elaine



I’m Elaine Calloway and I write paranormal/fantasy books (with romantic elements) for adults. Currently, I’m writing the Southern Ghosts Series, a series about the living, the dead, and the eerie in-between. There will be approximately 10 books in this series.

My other series, The Elemental Clan Series, is a good vs. evil themed set of tales between Elementals who possess power over water, fire, earth, and wind, and their battle to protect innocent humans from the evil fallen angels. This series will conclude with Book 5, Penance, coming later in 2016.

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Latest Releases

The Debt

The Debt

A Southern Ghosts Series Novella

This novella comes after Book #3 (Krewe of Souls) and released on 8/4/16.

The cover has been designed by the talented Taryn Knight of Leafbreeze Creations. 


Coming Soon



Book 5: The Elemental Clan Series

PENANCE is the 5th book of The Elemental Clan Series and will release late in 2016 (probably November/December). This is the fallen angel Cristos’s story.