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I’m Elaine Calloway and I write paranormal/fantasy books (with romantic elements) for adults. Currently, I’m writing the Elemental Clan Series, a series about Elementals vs. Fallen Angels in a good v evil world. This series will be ongoing with several offshoots for different characters.

I also have the Southern Ghost Series, a series about the living, the dead, and the eerie in-between. Book One, NO GRITS NO GLORY, released in October 2014 and Book Two (TICKET TO DIE) will release approximately in May 2015.

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Latest Releases

No Grits, No Glory

No Grits, No Glory

Book 1: Southern Ghosts Series

NO GRITS NO GLORY released on October 1, 2014. Order Now! 

The cover has been designed by the talented Taryn Knight of Leafbreeze Creations. 

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Just Released



Book 4: Elemental Clan Series

WINDSTORM released on 12/23/14. This is Tempest’s story and is set in Wine Country (California).

The cover has been completed and designed by the incredibly talented Taryn Knight of Leafbreeze Creations. 

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